Quality of Life Update (v1.7.2)

Thanks again to everyone who has been rocking and rolling since launch. We've been blown away by the reception on itch, twitter, and more. Check out the PC Gamer article written about the game here

After a small break from development, we're happy to announce the first set of patch notes for Mondays - keep sending in those bug reports in the itch comments or through the BioTech support email.

This patch includes:

  • Fixed formatting issue which caused some emails to break on certain widescreen resolutions.
  • Fixed visibility of Faces over Paint.
  • Fixed some errors within emails.
  • Added ability to close windows using the Enter button as well as the mouse.
  • Added window to tell players about closing windows using the Enter button.
  • Changed settings button to Tab to prevent interference with the full screen WebGL player.
  • Sisyphus's quality of life is not improved.


Mondays: a Sisyphean Typing Game v1.7.2 73 MB
Jul 28, 2022
WebGL_MondaysSTGv1.7.2.zip Play in browser
Jul 28, 2022

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